Dangerous Home Electrical Hazards

With our reliance on electricity, there are electrical safety hazards in any household, office., these hazards can be fixed  by taking the steps to eliminate the dangers, Please take a look at our list of electrical dangers to look out for in your home.

Wiring and Power Cables

two wires with electricity pretoria

Proper wiring that is up to safety standards is crucial for your household. Bad wiring can lead to a fire, power surges, and other serious problems. This is the reason, to avoid doing it your self electrical work and get professional electricians in Pretoria to keep you up to standard.. Have a qualified Pretoria electrician check your wiring and cabling on a regular basis to make sure it is safe.


Please take a look at the following possible faults:

• Loose or faulty connections
• Damaged extension cords
• Pierced or damaged wire insulation, which could be from, for example, a new pet or a chair,
• Overheated wires or cords
• Faulty electrical appliances
• Wire that has been chewed by rats

Plugs Close to Water

Plugs in Water

Plugs in bathrooms and kitchens, should be installed a proper distance away from the taps. As water conducts electricity, Dont use a plug radio, hair dryer or External phone, anywhere with a wet floor.


Wet Hands Can Be a Risk

wet hands
Electrical appliances should never be handled with wet hands as this Increases the chance of getting a shock. Many of us reach for the toaster with wet hands after washing some dishes

Never Pour Water on Electrical Fires watch this video and see what happens 

A common mistake is pouring water on electrical fire. Avoid pouring water on the flames as this will further fuel the fire. Keep a fire extinguisher in your home if you’re worried about electrical fires. If you don’t have one nearby and there is a electrical fire going on turn off your power. And call the fire department. Pretoria Fire Department Number = 012 310 6300 / 012 310 6400.


Contact Pretoria Electricians today and we can take care of your electrical needs.